hello makhluk dunia , i am back !



i just get back from hooking up with my girls . oh goshh . it was a tiring day . but then , i think its worth because... hihihi . im not going to tell everyone . harharhar =D

green hornet ? i think its worth to watch . but then , for me , if you girls wanna watch this movie with your crush , better dont bebeh . because you gonna laugh like hell and get out of control . and and , i would like to confess here that  i'd fall in love with jay chou. homaigod ! he's hot ! grrr !

today , i get to know with a few person . not a few . it was a lot . atok , songkok , amat , elyas ,blablabla . i cant remember all the names . it was like a bunch of endearing boys out there and mostly are those from ec . its not a date . yeah , you know cs . everyone are there . harharhar . we just bumped into them and have a talk at the middle of the mall . it looks like a mesyuarat-agung-PIBG . =D

before i go back , i bought something from the body shop . whut whut <3 its a bit expensive but then for my own safety , i insist to buy it . thanks to myra cause helping me much . i want the hottest red but then i got this . its not too red but yeah , you can judge it by yourself now.

okay fine . dont laugh .