dear ALLAH .....

recently , things that kept playing in my mind is about my future . hell yeahh . futureeeeee . it sucks when a girl who loves wacky things , lunatic , aimless , loves party rocking (hehehehe) NEED TO THINK ABOUT HER FUTURE .

HER FUTURE . (haha its not cool at all to refer myself as the third person :P)



i don't know whether it is crucial or not to think about it cuz me never prepared myself for those college thingy . i don't know which course should i choose . yes i do loves engineering . i adore my dad . but ever since my family especially my parents forbid me from taking that kind of course due to some issues that they had brought up before this (yeah we had a big conference before and tell you what , i don't have a strong reason to rebut all their points, then i rest my case T_T) , so i ends up by just keep it myself . only Allah knows it , what is playing in my mind currently and what is my heart craving for . 

talking about what course should i pick , i'm very very sure that most of us will choose the best for ourselves kan ? yeahh , no doubt . same goes to me. sometime i think that , i've done my best for Mr.SPM last November but i know that there are a lot of peeps that had done BETTER than my so-called-best . the only things that i must do right now is , 

waiting for the miracles to happen  ..........


i'm 18 years old girl came from the third planet of yours , Earth . i live in Malaysia and students here were FORCED and TRAINED to live in a very hectic life compared to other students from other countries . we must pass our public exams in order to grab the best course in varsity and it was said if we got straight A's then we gonna have a promising future . so dear ALLAH , i know during my senior year in high school , i behave like zexrctyvyubunui . i played too much but don't you think that we all should enjoy our days that time ? we're too young to think about future and life and money and marriage and kids and sport cars and a bungalow and jobs and everything . but now i realize without a good result , u're nothing . and i regretted it already. if and only if i studied harder and smarter for my Physics then i think my regrets-level would not be this much . Please dear ALLAH , for this time i'm begging you . make it real for me . you know it well right , that my dreams is to fulfill my parent's dreams. from the deepest , i'm hoping that you gonna gimme all A's in my exam slip this March even i know i'm way not deserve it . but please , just for this time and i promise you i'm gonna study harder afterwards , i promise you . Just , gimme a second chance , please :(

with loves and hopes ,


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