heaven is a place on Earth with you

just now , i logged in my facebook acc and i saw ishaq post his piano cover. it is so damnnn syiookkk wey ! and as usual the 'jiwang mode' suddenly activated :) the melodies , REALLY DO takes my heart away . thanks ishaq ! u made my day :)

there's nothing much about life so far . my weekend was sucks . i mean almost every weekend . me and my siblings feel so lifeless and boring since we are all day stuck in this house with nothing to do . reason ? my dad was too busy with his kapal launching yadda yadda and he is now staying at Lumut  . while my mum ? she's busy with her school stuffs and study matters . i can't blame them or any of us . i know its for us , for the whole family . they sacrificed a lot for our family financial and yes everyone must sacrifice something in  their family organisation including me . so , i take the role of taking care my siblings while my parents are not at home . i try to cheer them up by doing something interesting.(even i know they're not interested at all hahahaha........sarcasm) but at least i try .

just to tell you , i miss jb so much . 9 days left and i'm so excited about that :) i miss nenek and atuk so much and i miss the super-massive-traffic-jams in front of nenek's house every morning . hahaha  its unexplainable feelings actually . and of course another reason why i miss jb so much

these two girls :')

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