the day
the scariest day for all of us (i mean refer to myself )

yes , i'm terrified .
really really do 


i've made a small calender just like one when i was counting the days for spm . (but this time agak noob laa cuz i just use plain white paper hahahaaha....... k...) i was too nervous . yeahh , ticking days off the calender using different colors of magic pen is SO-NOT-HELPING-AT-ALL. It doesn't really help me much since i thought that those colors can help to reduce my anxiousness for counting the days . Unfortunately , it doesn't work , AT ALL .  so , damnit ! btw, the tickets are coming and thank God imma stay there for a week . why ticketS ? cuz it's for two ! fatimah sufia is coming along ! wuhuu ! i'm so excited cuz imma spend the whole solid week with her . xoxo , bestie :) and for sure imma introduce you to the big family , 5 Bijak . (if and only if sempat lah kannnn ...) and please don't be so malu-malu kucing with all my friends . haha 

k chiowww 

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