wealth or figure ? i choose moneyyyy . jyeahhh

everything now is getting harder . i cant breathe easily like there was something stuck inside my trachea that makes me felt difficult to breathe . recently , jb was dull . its raining heavily , in fact now , im shivering because of the coldness out there . i hate it when i am loaded with a lot of homework . ey , hello ?? teachers , dont you think that we all have a lot of another things to do instead of sitting on the table and open up so many books to refer just to settle your so-called module-for-spm ? grr ! it was like A LOT . i really mean it . A LOT .

okay , just now , i opened up my old albums . all the pictures inside there was really touched my heart . i miss all the things damnly . fiey , i miss you dear and one more , i'd already deleted all those fucking annoying pictures inside my albums . any shitters are not allowed here . so , i am sorry . thank you .

dear god, help me please . i cant finish those paper by this weekend . i wish that you can send me an angel who can help me on solving my add maths questionsssss . tee-hee. ;)

i) my A-R-M-S .
ii) i miss you boo .

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