lu baru dapat baju bundle , bukan designer punya .

isu kampung atau bajet lebih ni memang macam agak sensitif untuk dibahaskan . but , who cares right ?

there was a good-looking guy and he is well-liked among his friends . he's hot and being with him is every girls dream !  i knew him for quiet long time . he's a bit choosy and fussy . so , i'm expecting that he will end up having something with kinda hotties or any pretty girls out there . last night , i was skyping with him . its quiet long time since the last time we get contact to each other but SURPRISINGLY , he showed me his girlfriend pictures and and .... HOMAIGOD ! wadda ?!?! his girlfriend is just an ordinary girl and kinda old-fashioned plus her face was like scary-gilaa-wehh ! it makes me like jumping out from my bed when i know this . okay , let me tell you guys about this fellow . he is having his higher level of education for this time being , good-looking , very up-to-date and  kind-hearted plus likeable . oh man ! i can't believe it .that girl was so scary and i think that i am cuter than her . LOL ! okay , who cares ?

yeah , as we know , beauty is a subjective matter . everybody got their own thoughts on beauty right ? but the things now is , he ever told me that , he want someone who are blablablabla . for sure it was a good things right ?but then how this thing can happen ? okay , it was like a fairytale ,

'handsome and the beast '

bahahaha ! ups sorry ! its not a good manner laughing at others . whatever it is , i am wishing you a very best of luck for your new relationship . send my regards to that 'kakak' . yeahyeah . i know . she's beautiful for you . tee-hee .

p/s ; when im listening to the pretty girl rock by keri hilson , it reminds me to this story . LOL !

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