dont judge a person by her outer parts only

sometimes people tends to become somebody else just to make them looks cool . actually it was kinda annoying when you watched so many people faking just to get some attention from others . for what kalau kita tak jadik diri kita sendiri just to show that we are cool ? come on la . kita bukan hidup dalam alam fantasi . we are a not living in a fairytale . please ,highlight that .

aku jumpa too many girls out there who loved to show that they are the most most most POLITE ,SOFT-SPOKEN , KIND-HEARTED, GOOD-LISTENER, CHARMING blablabla girl in the universe and they were quiet good in acting in front of boys . omagadahhh . wtf ? and and and , all the boys pon macam 'wow ,cun sial awek ni , baik pulak tu , aku nak try ah ' or ' bapak ah , market siaa minah ni' . okay , boys memang macam tu . they are searching for someone who are perfectt . i mean TOTALLY perfect .

i have ever been asked to change . i mean transform to somebody else . to be specific , this guy was my super-lovely-crush , he said that , he can love me if i stop using those vulgar words . LOL . sounds funny . it doesnt really makes sense . come on la , benda tu dah tepu dengan soul aku . cannot be change . falsafah cinta aku , if you do love me , that means you can accept every single thing about me . get it ? semenjak tu , aku tarik diri . aku ubah haluan . aku taksuka jadik orang lain . its just not me, dude .

notes ; i am totally annoying , 156cm tall , tanned skin colour , outspoken , cannot tolerate easily with anybody pon . come and catch me if you dare ! HAHA

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