for this past few days , im getting busy with so many things plus now Danish pun dah masuk 7 y/o and he's now a primary sch student ! just imagine how did he , the SUPER-MANJA boy ,go to sch , stay in a class which full with kids yg nakal gilaaaa . but okay lah , at least he didn't cry when abah sent him there . i could see how he tried to be cool and control his emotion when my dad left him . hamikau ! yes i could see how Danish obviously tried to approach some boys (his classmate la ) and start a conversation with 'em . abah ckp , "Danish is practising his communicating skills" and we all semua ketawa bagai nak gila masa fetch him from his sch . one moreeee , being a multi-purpose sissy is a tiring job cuz your patience level were fully tested T_T ya Allah kuatkanlah iman saya (bak kata aiman)

Danish skrg dah besar and say yay fr that !

kasih abah :')

he suddenly get so insecure bila nampak ada org pakai bag Boboi Boy sebijik mcm dia LOL

mata besar comel okay .well I'm his along , so no wonder lah kan XD

ahakkk !

motif ? eh suka hati saya lah kan

chill la brotha'and sista', i ain't no monstahh . eh out of sudden ahaak !

have a good life , people

with love , Ciya

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