i hate thursday


do you know why ? ahh . thursday was like freaking SUCKS ! i have my 'pendidikan jasmani' on every thursday . i hate it when i have to run at my school field like a duck . it was because everyone was like running macam-orang-gila-kejar-anak and it was only me who left behind . wasnt it irritating when you are the only girl who walk alone at the middle of your school field while every boys are watching like hell ? nahhh . . okay , i know . it was totally embarrassing right ? who cares . 

life was getting tiring each and every day . i dont have an enough sleep for so many days and the eye bag , grr ! every morning it was like hell stuck at my school entrance and with that , i have to wake up 5 a.m early in the morning . homaigod ! i cant even open my eyes on that time when it was a holiday . that is why , i LOVE holiday ! jyeahhhh. 

we are young we run free . upssss ! nananana.  im so busy for a big war this coming november . *sigh*

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