who said im a good girl , put up your hands please .

maybe i dont have a good relationship with you , people . but , for now , i dont feel like into it . i wanna do the best to achieve my goals . its my future . either you like it or not , W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R . do i look like care ? peeps , let me decide on my own . i might a bit sarcastic , but so what right ? if you dont like it much , you may throw those shit on my face , i really DONT CARE . LOL .

Im used to be hated and now im being a good girl by waking up 4 a.m early in the morning and sleep early EVERYDAY perhaps . i have a bunch of buddies whom love to make some stupid jokes until i laugh like an insane . HAHA . i loikee it yaww ! now i can stop thinking of anybody . i just have to take care of myself and im getting used with those tight schedule . Grr ! 

actually , im gettin' busy with all those stuff- books , tuition classes , exams and blablabla . im sotired and everyday was a hectic day . sometime , i felt like , 'HOMAIGOD , I CANT BREATHE !' but then , scholarship selection for the A-level  is coming soon . even i know its a bit tough to be selected , but at least i try my best and now , i can put a smile on my face without thinking of those redundant stuff . 

oh ya ! before i forgot ! im now at my new class and all my classmate was great and can tolerate with so many random things . its my senior year , keep rocking yaww ! HAHA. XD

notes ;

2. say WTF to training . grr ! my skin is getting tanned each and everyday !

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