i got my result yesterday and things went unexpected . idk whether my expectation was too high or what but wtv it is i didn't reach the target , i mean my own target . i've made my parents get so disappointed :( i'm so sorry mak abah . i've tried my best and still the rezeki is not there . yes , people keep talking and asking . can all of u please back off and i'm not into any conversation with anybody about this result thingy .like seriously . so stop asking and stay away. nobody know how brokenhearted i am . my dreams were all shattered . this is life . i mean real life . i have to face it no matter how hard it is . now i learnt a lesson that hard works NOT ALL TIME PAYS OFF . not enough with the result stuffs and now i have to think what's next . ya Allah i'm not strong enough for this . i really-really do . this time , i give it all to you . you choose the best for me and i will just follow the path . that's all . no more expectations . i'm done this time. again , i'm sorry mak , abah . i love u both so much . i hope u both can be redha with this cuz i already am .

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